Deepwater automatic inhale submerged jet aerator

Model : QSB

Brand : aikon

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The deepwater automatic inhale submerged jet aerator has well-knit structure, operation maintenance simple and convenient installation, while keeping low cost features. Performance has been significantly improved, without compressing air conditions, submerged depth can reach 10m. The atmospheric bubble is more detailed, and enhances air and aerates media contact area, effectively improving the oxygen transfer rates.


The product makes waters mixing and aerating. Atmospheric bubble detailed, it can't only obtain higher oxygen transfer rates.but also has the impeller without plug advantage. The liquid flow is strong one-way, and resulting in an effective convection cycle.Then the motor with the water level changes very little, therefore more suited to water level changed in the large akin applications.


The deepwater automatic inhale submerged jet aerator is mainly composed of type CP submerged wastewater pumps, confucius pipes,proliferation pipes,into trachea,silencers and so on. Working principles: submerged pumps produce a high-speed water through nozzles. The nozzles form negative pressure to inhale air into the trachea. A liquid gas mixture flows out to high-speed jet, The water with atmospheric bubble flow in the larger area and mix round in depth waters,complete aerating.


1.Deep water aerating

2.Biochemical ditch aerating and mixing

3.Sludge aerating and mixing

4. High-concentrations of organic waste-water treatment processes

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