Vertical multistage centrifugal pump in series

Model : ASH

Brand : aikon

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AS+ASH is the same flow vertical multistage pump to be series connected to be a high pressure pump system,it is widely used for building and industry booster system which needs high pressure application.The pipeline structure of the pump set can ensure that the pump is directly installed in the horizontal pipeline system with the same pipe diameter in and out of the same horizontal line.


AS+ASH series is a new generation, high efficiency non-self-priming high pressure pump independently developed according to European standards. The product adopts a new industrial design, and the energy efficiency index reaches MEI≥0.7.

It is characterized by energy saving, low noise, environmental protection, compact structure, beautiful appearance, light weight, convenient operation and maintenance, and high reliability.

The first AS pump is a feed pump and the second ASH pump is a high pressure pump specially designed for high pressure applications. This page only provides the technical information of high pressure pumps.AH and AHS are connected in series to form a dual pump system that generates high pressure 70Bar.



●Waterworks Filtration and Delivery

●Water pipe network pressurization

●Industrial water supply booster

●Water treatment ultrafiltration system

●Reverse osmosis system

●High Pressure Washing System


Working condition

Thin, clean, non-flammable, non-explosive liquids and do not contain particles or fibers

Ambient temperature:Less than +40 ℃, if more than this please specify when order

Altitude:Less than 1000m

Max Head:670M

Max flow:200m³/h

Max Pressure:70Bar

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