Single-stage double suction Split Case Centrifugal Pump

Model : DMC

Brand : aikon

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Double Suction Horizontal Split Case Pump, for conveying temperature not more than 80℃ below the clear water and other liquids similar to water physical and chemical properties of use. By changing the material of impeller, sealing ring and shaft sleeve, muddy water containing sediment can be absorbed. The shaft seal of the pump generally adopts soft packing. Mechanical seal can also be installed if there is special requirement.


Technological Advantages
1. Bearing spacing between both ends is short, pump running stable, low vibration noise, and can increases the speed of running properly, to adapt to a wider range of performance.
2. Inlet and outlet at the same line, so that the pipeline layout is simple and convenient, beautiful.
3. The rotation of the same rotor can be reversed, reducing the risk of damage caused by the water hammer.
4. Unique design of high temperature, use of intermediate support, thick body, sealed cooling, bearing lubrication, so that the pump can run up to 200 ºC occasions, especially for heating network requirements.
5. Pump can be vertical or horizontal installed according to using conditions, seal can be mechanical seal or packing seal.

Material of Flow Components 
Pump casing made of gray cast iron, ductile iron or cast steel.
Impeller made of gray cast iron, silicon brass or stainless steel.
Spindle in stainless steel or high carbon steel.
Other materials can be used upon requirement.

The products are applied in power plants, water supply, municipal, construction, fire fighting, industrial and
Mining enterprises and other industries for the transportation of water, of similar physical and chemical
Properties of water and other media.

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