Centrifugal Submerged Aerator

Model : QXBL

Brand : aikon

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The type QXBL centrifugal submerged aerator is used for the aerating ditch and sand removed ditch in the wastewater treatment plant, and oxygenating and mixing liquid, and had biochemical treatment or aerated the oxidation ditch. The amount of entering air is 10-320m3/h, the ability of oxygenation is 0.37-24kgO2/h,the power of motor is 0.75-22kw.


1. Well-knit structure, less land occupation, convenient installation

2. The other parts operated below the water except the inlet, the yawp was small

3. The air inbreathed was much, produced the bubble much and close, and the rate of oxygen was high

4. Provided the air without headstream, left out the blower, and the cost of project was low

5. The instruction was designed by new technology method with light and portable, and operated safe and reliably



1. The temperature not exceeding 40℃

2.The PH value 5-9 in the medium

3.medium density not exceeding 1150kg/m3



The product is composed of submerged pump, mixing room, the seat, inlet pipe, muffle and so on.

The top of inlet pipe was above the surface of water, the underside was connected with mixing room, because the impeller had circurngyrated after the power supply was turn on, the high-speed water poured through the mixing room, and formed the negative pressure, the air was inhaled into and mixed with liquid. The mixed liquid poured from the side, and achieved the oxygenation to liquid.

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