Multi-functional swirling submersible mixer

Model : QJB

Brand : aikon

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QJB type multi-functional spin streaming submersible mixer compact structure,small volume, light weight,easy operation and Maintenance,easy installation and long service life.


QJB type multi-functional swirling submersible mixer mainly suitable for:

  • sewage and waste water and sludge water mixed and evenly
  • thick process
  • sludge dewatering process
  • heat transfer optimization
  • sewage pool clean
  • prevent particles in the wall and the bottom of the condensation and precipitation
  • Remove suspended
  • remove suspended solids
  • create water flow, etc
  • circulating water, etc

High-speed mixing series QJB type multi-functional spin streaming submersible mixer is applicable to the sewage treatment plant balance pool, nitrification/ denitrification pool, sludge treatment and storage tank, and industrial processes Mixing contains suspended solids, solid sundry liquid, prevent precipitation.

Low-speed push stream series QTB type multi-functional spin streaming submersible mixer used in industrial and urban sewage treatment plants aeration pool and anaerobic pool, large nitrification and denitrification pool,Disk type activated sludge treatment tank,disinfection pond and industrial mixing pool.It produces low tangential open strong water flow, which can easily realize water circulation and nitrification in large volume fluid, and create water flow during nitrogen and phosphorus removal,etc.


To ensure that achieve the best effect, please provide the following information:

1.use purpose;

2.pool form;

3.pool size, including water depth;

4.Media properties: including viscosity, density, temperature, solid content, etc.

Mixer need supporting power is based on volume size, pool size, mixing liquid type the density , viscosity and certain, according to the specific circumstances using one or multiple mixer.


*As technology advances,aikon reserves the right to change design, selection, please contact with technology engineering.

*QJB type multi-functional swirling submersible mixer must be completely submerged, can't work in inflammable and explosive environment or have strong corrosive liquid environment, work! If you have special request,please contact with technical engineering,and get the best solution.

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