ISO2858/5199 chemical pump SMA

Model : SMA

Brand : aikon

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SMA series bareshaft end suction pump is designed and manufactured according to ISO 2858 and ISO 5199 standards, enables the pump be interchangeable with other similar ISO 2858 and ISO 5199 standardized pumps. Modular design and high standardization of the common parts simplifies spare parts storage, improves pump stability and reduces the pump operation and maintenance cost.



Max capacity: up to 1800 m3/h

Max head: up to 160m

Max casing pressure: up to 16bar(25 bar as option)



-Cast iron spiral volute:Stainless steel 304,316,316L,2205,2507 and Bronze as option

-Inflowing in axial direction and yield water in radial direction

-Key installation dimensions and performances are in according with ISO2858

-Flange PN16 in according with DIN2533(PN25 as option)

-Standard mechnical seal for water up to 120 oC,(150 oC as option)

-Standard tappings :Volute drain plug, suction flange tapping for suction gauge and

discharge flange tapping for pressure gauge

-Replaceable wear rings

-Superior hydraulic design and manufacturing processes, together with double curvature

impeller blades, provide highly efficient suction performance, higher speed capabilities

and greater performance for reduced running costs and maintenance


Advantage of structure

-Its Back Pull Out design allows the removal of the complete rotating element

without disturbing the pipework

-Heave duty bearings as option

-Mechanical seals - single or double cartridge seals running on stainless steel

shaft sleeves in balanced or unbalanced configuration of various types to suit

particular applications.

-External clean water flushing and cooling can be supplied for high temperature,

abrasive or toxic applications.

-Heavy duty oil lubricated taper roller bearings(as option)

-High strength cast iron bearing housing

-Optional packed glands running on replaceable stainless steel shaft sleeves

are available with pumped water by-pass lubrication, or external clean water

flushing. Split glands are fitted for ease of service.

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