Submersible waste water pump SSC

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SSC series no-clog sewage water submersible electric pump is a kind of brand new product researched and manufactured on the basis of adopting the foreign advanced technology and combined the domestic pump using characters, featur- ing great energy-save, non-intertwist, no-clog, automatic installing and controlling. And has unique result in discharging the solid grain and long-fibre wastes. This series pump has adopted the unique impeller structure and new mechanical sealing, can efficiently transport the liquid with solid matter and long fibre, compare with the traditional impeller, this impeller has adopted the single flow passage or double flow passage, it is just like a elbow tube with same section area, has excellent flowing ability, the impeller has been through the dynamic and static



Max capacity:to 3300 m3/h

Max head:  to 100m



-The impeller has adopted unique single blade or double blade structure, greatly in- creased the filth passing ability. The fiber material which 5 times of the pump diameter and the solid grain which 50% of the pump diametercan be easily passed through.

-Mechanical seal is double mechanical seal made of corrosion resistant tungsten carbide as a hard alloy, featuring long-use and wear-resistance.

-The whole structure compact, small volume, low noise , remarkable energy saving, convenient inspection, no need to build pump house, just work in the submersible water,

greatly reduce the project cost.
-As requested by the user, an anti-jamming water leakage detecting transducer with high

accuracy is available to be set in the oil chamber as well as to recess a thermal sensor in the stator windings as required by the user. In case the mechanical sealing damaged, water coming into the sealing oil chamber, or the motor getting hot by over-load, the transducer and the thermal sensor can absolutely protect the pump motor.

-As the user request, the automatic safety-protection controlling cabinet can be arranged to absolutely protect the pump from water leakage, electric leakage, over-load and over-temperature, enhancing the product safety and reliability.

-The float-ball switch can automatically control the pump to start or stop according to the request liquid position change, no need special person to take care, it is most conve- nient to use.

-As requested by the user, a double guide-rail automatic coupling mounting system can be equipped, bringing great convenient to the mounting and maintenance and allowing the maintenance personnel to maintain the machine without walking into the sewage pit.

-Can provide two kinds of mounting type to satisfy the different usage, i.e. Fixing automatic coupling mounting system and the moving free mounting system.


Advantage of structure

-Signal line: the pump is matching with all-insurance controlling cabinet, performing all round protection including water leakage, lack phase, short circuit, over   heat, and over load etc.

-Motor stator: adopting B class or F class insulation.
-Water leakage detector: this element mounting in the oil chamber can give signal and together with the controlling system to protect the pump when the   mechanical sealing damaged and water coming into the oil chamber. Impeller: the -Impeller has adopted the single-channel or double-channel structure, the big matter and fiber waste can pass through, thus reducing the trouble of clog and intertwist.

-Vortex shell: matching with impeller, enabling the pump with high efficiency.




-Discharge for serious polluted waste water from factory or commerce

-Draining system of city sewage water treatment.

-Draining waste water station from community.

-Water discharging station for civil air defence.

-Waste water discharging for hospital, hotel.

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