High voltage Solid soft starter

Model : CMV

Brand : aikon

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The motor soft starter is widely used in electric industry with rated voltage 3000 to 10000V,building materials,chemical industry,metallurgy,steel and paper-making industries,etc. and can perforn well if used together with various kind of electromechanical devices including water pumps,fans,compressors,crashers,agitators,and conveyer belt etc.It is the ideal device for starting and protecting high voltage motors.


The motor soft starter is mainly applicable to the control of and protection for the starting and stopping of squirrel-cage type asynchronous and synchronous motors. And the starter is composed of several thyristors in series-parallel,and it can meet different current and voltage requirements.

CMV series high voltage solid soft starter (hereinafter referred to as soft starter) is a high voltage motor softstarter designed with  up-to-date concept, and mainly applicable to the control of and protection for the starting andstopping  of squirre-cage type asynchronous and synchronous motors. The starter is composed of several thyristorsin series-parallel, and it can meet different current and voltage requirements.

Protective functions:

  • Open-phase protection:Cut off any phase of primary power supply in the course of starting or operation.
  • Over-current protection in operation:Operational Over-current protection setting: 20~500%Ie
  • Unbalanced phase current protection:Unbalanced phase current protection: 0~100%
  • Overload protection:Overload protection grade: 10A、10、15、20、25、30、OFF
  • Underload protection:Underload protection grade: 0~99%; Action time of underload protection: O~250S
  • Start timeout:Start time limit: 0~120S
  • Over-voltage protection:When voltage of primary power supply is 120% higher than rated value,over-voltage protection is enabled.
  • Under-voltage protection:When voltage of primary power supply is 70% lower than rated value,under-voltage protection is enabled.
  • Phase protection:Allow to work with any phase sequence (through setting parameter)
  • Ground protection:Protection available when grounding current is higher than set value
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