Reduce the pump full life cost

How to reduce the pump full life cycle operating cost by a pump VFD ?
Aikon help you know how to protect your pump system and save cost by using a suitable VFD .

Aikon-focus on liquid control, provide the best liquid control solution.

● Save Energy cost
Constant presure, Reduce your energy expenditure up to 70% of the original.
● Save maintaenance cost
Reduce the general duty on mechnical and bearing, and the QTY of rotation,prolong the maintenace interval,substantially  reduce the cost of Spare parts and work cost.
● Special desgin for motor protection
Over 90% motor broken is because of over heat; Internal build terminal read PTC  , Protect demaging from overheat , motor lifetime increases 5~10years.
● Dry run protection
Dry running is big demage for  mechnical seal , put a dry run sensor on the suction pipe then connect with our VFD will  avoid it happen.
● Pipe brusting protection
How to avoild the pump room to be flooded becasue of the pipe brusting? Use a electric level sensor and  connect Aikon VFD will help you solve it easily.
● Pump bearing monitoring
The most obvious phenomenon of pump problems are virbation or bearing overheat, how to find the problem at the first time to avoild the pump be broken?
Use a PT100 or virbation sensor on the pump bearing, then connect with Aikon VFD will help you extand your pump life time.
● Avoild water hammer
No matter positive or negative water hammer, they all have big demage for pipe system and pumps, when you use Aikon VFD you will get a soft start and soft
stop function, decrease the system demage because of water hammer.