Advantages for Aikon pump VFD in RO system


The Advantages for Aikon pump VFD used in RO water treatment system:

1. Constant pressure control, get your accurate target pressure, no more no less, no excess energy wasted.

2. Soft start soft stop, friendly to the pump, electronic Component,filter, valve and pipe system. No positive and negative water hammer. Compared with other starting methods, VFD start current is the smallest .

3. All the control and protection function logic are built into VFD, no need extra PLC or PID controller. Easy installation and decrease the trouble shooting.

4. Motor protection function, more than 90% motor broken is because of over heat. Connect the motor 3 PTC to our VFD, it will let your motor lifetime increase 5~10 years.

5. Dry run protection, makes your pump mechnical seal lifetime longer.

6. Emergency water supply with mannual function.


Aikon-focus on liquid control, provide the best liquid control solution.